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Psycho (1998)

Check in. Unpack. Relax. Take a shower. [Theatrical]
Comedy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller • 105 minutes  4.6/10
Starring: Vince Vaughn Anne Heche Julianne Moore Viggo Mortensen William H. Macy Robert Forster Philip Baker Hall Chad Everett and others.
Director: Gus Van Sant Screenplay: Joseph Stefano Director of Photography: Christopher Doyle Producer: Brian Grazer Gus Van Sant Editor: Amy E. Duddleston Original Music Composer: Bernard Herrmann
Released • December 4, 1998

A young female embezzler arrives at the Bates Motel, which has terrible secrets of its own.

A.K.A. BR: Psicose (1998)  CA: Psycho 1  ES: Psycho (Psicosis)  FR: Psychose  PT: Psicose  RU: Психо