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Pusher (1996)

You don't have a chance. Seize it!
Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller • 105 minutes  7.4/10
Starring: Kim Bodnia Mads Mikkelsen Laura Drasbæk Zlatko Burić Slavko Labović Peter Andersson Vanja Bajicic Lisbeth Rasmussen and others.
Director: Nicolas Winding Refn Screenplay: Jens Dahl Nicolas Winding Refn Director of Photography: Morten Søborg Producer: Henrik Danstrup Editor: Anne Østerud Original Music Composer: Peter Peter Povl Kristian
Released • August 30, 1996

A drug pusher grows increasingly desperate after a botched deal leaves him with a large debt to a ruthless drug lord.

A.K.A. ES: Pusher, un paseo por el abismo  IT: Pusher - L'inizio  RU: Дилер