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Redacted (2007)

Truth is the first casualty of war.
Drama / War • 90 minutes  6.1/10
Starring: Izzy Diaz Rob Devaney Ty Jones Anas Wellman Mike Figueroa and others.
Director: Brian De Palma Writer: Brian De Palma Director of Photography: Jonathon Cliff Producer: Jason Kliot Jennifer Weiss Joana Vicente Simone Urdl Editor: Bill Pankow
Released • January 1, 2007

The devastating reconstruction of the rape and murder of a 15-year-old Iraqi girl by American soldiers in Samarra in 2006.

A.K.A. BR: Guerra Sem Cortes  DE: Redacted – Die Wahrheit stirbt zuerst  HU: Cenzúrázatlanul - Háború másképp  PL: Na goraco  PT: Guerra Sem Cortes  RU: Без цензуры