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The Cannonball Run (1981)

You'll root for them all...but you'll never guess who wins.
Comedy • 95 minutes  6.2/10
Starring: Burt Reynolds Roger Moore Farrah Fawcett Dean Martin Dom DeLuise Sammy Davis, Jr. Jack Elam Terry Bradshaw and others.
Director: Hal Needham Screenplay: Brock Yates Director of Photography: Michael C. Butler Producer: Albert S. Ruddy Editor: Donn Cambern William D. Gordean Original Music Composer: Al Capp
Released • June 19, 1981

A wide variety of eccentric competitors participate in a wild and illegal cross-country road race. However, the eccentric entrants will do anything to win the road race, including low-down, dirty tricks.

A.K.A. CA: Cannonball Run 1  CZ: Velký závod  DE: Auf dem Highway ist die Hölle los  ES: Los locos del Cannonball  FR: L'Équipée du cannonball  RU: Гонки «Пушечное ядро»  US: Cannonball Run 1