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The Next Best Thing (2000)

He was smart, handsome and single. When her biological clock was running out, he was... the next best thing.
Comedy • 108 minutes  4.7/10
Starring: Madonna Rupert Everett Benjamin Bratt Malcolm Stumpf Josef Sommer Suzanne Krull Linda Larkin and others.
Director: John Schlesinger Screenplay: Tom Ropelewski Director of Photography: Elliot Davis Producer: Leslie Dixon Linne Radmin Tom Rosenberg Editor: Peter Honess
Released • March 3, 2000

Abbie, tired of failed relationships, has a one-night-stand with her gay friend; they agree to raise the resulting baby together.

A.K.A. CN: 借借你的爱  DE: Ein Freund zum Verlieben  ES: Algo casi perfecto  FR: Un Couple presque parfait  IT: Sai che c'è di nuovo?  RU: Лучший друг