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The Tenant (1976)

No one does it to you like Roman Polanski.
Fantasy / Horror / Thriller • 126 minutes  7.8/10
Starring: Roman Polanski Isabelle Adjani Melvyn Douglas Bernard Fresson Shelley Winters Gérard Jugnot Josiane Balasko Raoul Guylad and others.
Director: Roman Polanski Screenplay: Gérard Brach Roman Polanski Director of Photography: Sven Nykvist Producer: Andrew Braunsberg Editor: Françoise Bonnot Original Music Composer: Philippe Sarde
Released • May 26, 1976

A bureaucrat rents a Paris apartment where he finds himself drawn into a rabbit hole of dangerous paranoia.

A.K.A. AR: El inquilino  DE: Der Mieter  ES: El quimérico inquilino  FR: Le Locataire  IT: L'inquilino del terzo piano  PT: O Inquilino  RU: Жилец