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The Way of the Gun (2000)

Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller • 119 minutes  6.7/10
Starring: Benicio del Toro Ryan Phillippe Juliette Lewis James Caan Taye Diggs Nicky Katt Geoffrey Lewis Sarah Silverman and others.
Director: Christopher McQuarrie Screenplay: Christopher McQuarrie Director of Photography: Dick Pope Producer: Kenneth Kokin Editor: Stephen Semel Music: Joe Kraemer
Released • September 8, 2000

Two criminal drifters without sympathy get more than they bargained for after kidnapping and holding for ransom the surrogate mother of a powerful and shady man.

A.K.A. DE: Way of the Gun  ES: Secuestro infernal  FR: Way of the Gun  PT: Way of the Gun  RU: Путь оружия