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Thieves and Robbers (1983)

May the "Police Farce" be with you...!
Action / Comedy / Crime • 101 minutes  5.7/10
Starring: Bud Spencer Tomás Milián Marc Lawrence Billy Garrigues Don Sebastian Joan Call Christine Troples Darcy Shean and others.
Director: Bruno Corbucci Screenplay: Bruno Corbucci Mario Amendola Director of Photography: Ben McDermott Silvano Ippoliti Producer: Josi W. Konski Editor: Ashley Daleki Original Music Composer: Carmelo La Bionda Michelangelo La Bionda
Released • February 11, 1983

L.A.P.D. Captain Parker finally is going on Holiday with all his family. At the last moment he has to cancel the program to re-capture a pilferer named Tony Roma, bad copy of a Latin lover. He use to seduce older women and then steals their jewelry. Parker is close to sort the case out when Roma is witness of a Mafia murder. Parker Holiday flies away.

A.K.A. CZ: Pes a kočka  DE: Bud, der Ganovenschreck  DK: Tyve & røvere  ES: Como el perro y el gato  FR: Escroc, macho et gigolo  PT: Cane e gatto  RU: Cane e gatto  SE: Skurkar och banditer  US: Cat and Dog