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With Blood on My Hands: Pusher II (2004)

Crime / Drama / Thriller • 100 minutes  7.4/10
Starring: Mads Mikkelsen Leif Sylvester Kurt Nielsen Anne Sørensen Øyvind Hagen-Traberg Karsten Schrøder Maria Erwolter Dan Dommer and others.
Director: Nicolas Winding Refn Screenplay: Nicolas Winding Refn Director of Photography: Morten Søborg Producer: Henrik Danstrup Nicolas Winding Refn Editor: Anne Østerud Janus Billeskov Jansen Original Music Composer: Peter Peter
Released • December 25, 2004

Tony is released from prison - again. This time he has his mind set on changing his broken down life, but that is easier said than done.

A.K.A. DE: Pusher II: Respect  DK: Pusher 2  ES: Con las manos ensangrentadas (Pusher II)  FR: Pusher II : Du sang sur les mains  GB: Pusher 2, With Blood On My Hands  PT: Pusher II  RU: Дилер 2  US: Pusher II: With Blood on My Hands